Frequently Asked Questions

Does my insurance pay for physical therapy?

As a courtesy to our patients, we verify insurance benefits prior to your first visit and discuss them with you at your appointment time. Physical Therapy patients typically attend two to three times per week, so knowing your responsibility allows you to pay for services as you go.

Do I need a referral from my doctor for physical therapy?

In 2016, the state of Louisiana amended the Louisiana Physical Therapy Act allowing patients direct access to physical therapy; however, if the patient has not made measurable improvements within 30 days he/she should be seen by a physician. This law is not applicable to Worker's Compensation patients. At O2 Physical Therapy, we do not require patients to get a referral from their physician prior to scheduling. Medicare patients, however, are required to have a physician on file to receive and sign documentation for continued treatment. Patients can request their physician(s) fax referrals to (985) 419-0220 and patients who have referrals from their physicians can call (985) 340-0102 to schedule an evaluation.

Have another question?

Contact us at (985) 340-0102 and we’ll be happy to help!