Aquatic Physical Therapy Services

Aquatic physical therapy is an individualized therapeutic exercise program that is performed in water with direct assistance from the physical therapist. The pool provides a warm water buoyant environment to decrease joint and muscle stress while exercising.

Aquatic physical therapy is an excellent way to restore range of motion and strength in a pain-free environment. Physical therapists, Karen Heap and Jennifer Maggio, have over 25 years of combined experience in aquatic physical therapy. Friendly staff at O2 Physical Therapy allows the patient to feel very comfortable and secure in the water. A physical therapist works with the patient to establish an individualized exercise program to meet rehabilitation needs. The availability of a wheelchair ramp makes the pool handicap-accessible.

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Who can benefit from aquatic therapy?

- Post-Op Orthopedic Surgeries
- Post-Op Joint Replacements
- Post-Op Lumbar Surgeries
- Chronic Pain (degenerative back pain, scoliosis, etc)
- Fibromyalgia
- Loss of balance/difficulty walking
- Neurological Rehabilitation
- Diabetics


Our Team:

Physical Therapists
Karen Heap, PT
Jennifer Maggio, PT

Aquatic Technicians
Casey Gordon
Amy Smith
Erin Murrill

Scheduling & Cancellations

Please contact O2 Physical Therapy directly at (985) 340-0102 for all scheduling reasons (making, canceling or re-scheduling appointment(s).

Do NOT contact Christwood Retirement Community or The Community Center at Christwood

What do I bring?

  • Bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt

  • Change of Clothes

  • Water Shoes (recommended)

*Lockers and locker rooms with showers are available
*Towels are also provided